Not to take away anyone’s Thunder & Lightning from Oracle Open World this year, I was not in attendance, but it seems from all of the emails, posts, tweets and other social media outlets that, well, there is a push for all things Cloud?!?!

But in other news, for those of you that still need to use Smart View, here are a few tips, options, settings etc. for you to keep in mind to help in your data retrieval journey while you are not cloud surfing.

First, when you install Smart View, this link can be a great tool to read over for both Admins and Users alike: Oracle Smart View for Office Release Installation and Configuration Guide

There are a few great sections:

 Let us focus on the Tips and Troubleshooting section!

I hope that the links, tips and options help all users easliy hurdle some of the more common questions that I get from users and also see on many blogs and forums.

In preparation for soon to be submitted KScope 17 abstracts, the deadline is quickly approaching, Oct-14th!, I hope that you are able to Wrangle some more data via Smart View .. or in my case, maybe not Smart View, stay tuned!