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SV ++

- Custom Ribbon for Smart View - SV ++

This is an Add-in that still requires to have Smart View installed and enabled.

It is intended to add functionality, features, etc. that are not directly or immediately exposed. There is much more available to all users via the API.

This utility leverages the GA Oracle Smart View Developer Guide VB API.

Note: If you are having issues with the Ribbon loading when Excel starts, try this.
Copy or move the "smart view ++ Ribbon ADMIN8.6.4" file to the following location on your machine

C:\Users\%USER NAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

What's New in 8.6.4:
Version 8.6.4 download here

!!! Capability to run on Microsoft Office 64-bit version (and 32-bit) !!!
- New SV++ Ribbon Group -
  • Calculations (button) - because everyone loves a good abacus! and some people (GC) ask nicely :)
  • Query Designer (button) - moved out from the 'SV Hyperion Menu items' to give more exposure!
  • Drill-Through - always have to try and dig for more data! I need more data! 


What's New in 8.0.1:
Version 8.0.1 download here
Submit Data button enhancement

Shortcut keys!




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