I was recently asked how to hide Smart View from users.

You are able to hide Smart View buttons and/or menus from the Smart View Ribbon or Smart View contextual ribbons (HFM, Essbase, etc.)

This is the VB code on how to do that:

– Hide –
Public Declare Function HypHideRibbonMenu Lib “HsAddin” (ByVal vtSheetName As Variant, ParamArray vtMenus() As Variant) As Long

Sub HideMenus_customRibbon()
‘Hides menu items for Smart View ribbon

sts = HypHideRibbonMenu(Null, “Smart View->Panel”, “Smart View->Connections”, “Smart View->Undo”, “Smart View->Redo”, “Smart View->Copy”, “Smart View->Paste”, “Smart View->Functions”)

End Sub


– Reset –

Sub ResetMenus_customRibbon()‘Resets the visibility of menu items using the current sheet

sts = HypHideRibbonMenuReset(Null)

End Sub