I am fortunate to be able to work with the latest and greatest Oracle Hyperion products! Some like to refer to it as working on “the-bleeding-edge”, but that sounds like a bit more gore than glory to me. I like to think of it more like a kid in a candy store, some is filled with way to much sugar, some not enough and some is.. just right.

With this good fortune, I was doing some lab work recently, when I stumbled on another Oracle (not Hyperion) tool-module-app that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Why? Let’s take a look and see..

This is our good ole friend the EAS (Essbase Administration Services) Console. My good ole friend is more like Arbor Essbase Application Manager (App-Man!)

but who am I to like retro tools that still may work to read-edit outlines 😉

EAS login dialog box and the EAS console:

Now, the mystery tool. I wont name the name to protect the innocent, this is what it looks like. This looked like a Frankenstein of sorts to me. Almost a little mix of SQLDeveloper, with EAS with not sure what.

So what if the AppMan to EAS to new Java Console looked something like this?

The Console would consist of your standard data source, login, credentials, etc.
You would be able to tree-view navigate applications, databases (cubes), etc.

But what I found especially curious was the tabbed area on the lower left of the ‘mystery console’ and specifically the word “Models”. This is where I could potentially see the Essbase Studio client-console plugging into! One less client tool for Oracle to maintain, and a seamless Essbase development, modeling, deployment experience!