I was a little disappointed on my birthday, being yesterday, May 27th.

Thought that there was going to be the announcement and release of the much awaited Smart View for Office version! It was not, but..

An interesting twist was that all of the documentation is available and posted via docs.oracle.com
So that must only mean 1 thing. At least a post about new features, etc. but just not the ability to share specific screen shots.

Smart View for Office: http://docs.oracle.com/en/applications/?tab=8
.. Oracle Smart View for Office Documentation Release

All of the documentation posted: Smart View Release

.. Smart View for Office Readme
.. Smart View for Office New Features
.. Smart View for Office Installation and Configuration
.. Smart View for Office User’s Guide
.. Smart View for Office Developer’s Guide
.. Smart View for Office Accessibility Guide

The link for the latest version to download on OTN is sill however pointing to the version:


These are the new features documented in this release:

  1. Import Metadata Available for Word
  2. Rename Ranges from Document Contents Pane
  3. Support for Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud
  4. Support Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud
  5. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Features
  6. Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Features

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Features

  • Subtopics
    • Duplicate Alias Support in Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud
    • Planning Admin Extension Supports Attribute and Time Period Dimensions
    • Easily Insert Attributes in Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Ad Hoc Grids

You can now quickly add attribute dimensions to an ad hoc sheet using the new Insert Attributes button available in the Planning Ad Hoc ribbon.

Click Insert Attributes to launch the Insert Attributes dialog box, where you can select the attribute members to add to the POV. When the attribute dimensions are in the POV, you can pivot or drag them to the grid as required. Once on the grid, you can use the Remove Only command to remove any unwanted attribute dimension or members.

You can add attribute dimensions at any time during the ad hoc session.

If the grid already contains some, but not all, attribute dimensions in the database, you can click Insert Attributes to select any of the remaining attributes to the POV.

Note that you can still use Member Selection to add specific attribute dimensions as required. 

Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Features

  • Subtopics
    • Embedded Content in Word-based Report Packages
    • Support for Importing Metadata in Word

Soon, very soon.. we should all be able to go out to OTN and download this version!