I get this question on a regular basis, so I think that it is blog post worthy.

A user miss-spelled, or copy-pasted or just wants to clear the history of the Smart View URLs that have accumulated over time.

Even though it is pretty straight forward, it is not always easy to remember or find the nicely hidden folder path to the .xml file that needs to be modified.

The file is named: “properties.xml”

The file folder path on your machine should be similar to the following:


You can open the file using notepad, textpad, etc.The file is formatted using markup language and structured with opening and closing

Within the configuration, is another tag that contains the current provider URL, using that you have entered into the Smart View Options -> Advanced -> “Shared Connections URL:” Smart View URLs.

There is another tag that contains the list of URLs that you have entered, etc. Keep in mind that this list is pipe “|” delimited.
Again, this file can be edited/modified to change and/or clear the list as needed.