You read the blog post title correctly.

Yes, if you didn’t know or just were not aware, all of the base dimensions of an Essbase cube are NOT required on the Smart View grid. Let’s take a look ..

Sample Basic: Base Dimensions {Attributes}

Application: Sample
Database: Basic

  • Year
  • Measures
  • Product {Caffeinated, Intro Date, Ounces, Pkg Type}
  • Market {Population}
  • Scenario
  • Caffeinated Attribute
  • Ounces Attribute
  • Pkg Type Attribute
  • Population Attribute
  • Intro Date Attribute

Smart View Grid WITH all Base Dimensions:

Smart View Grid WITHOUT all of the Base Dimensions:

Population; Not Market

Ounces; Not Product

Keep in mind that this tip applies to Essbase/Planning when there is/are attribute dimension(s). Otherwise, yes, you do need all of the base dimensions on the Smart View reporting grid to make it a ‘valid reporting grid’.