Oracle is so nice and giving for this holiday season and heading into the New Year!

Patches! Patches!

Patch Set Update for Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting is Available- Patch 24466619

This is an interesting read for the ‘new features’ added to the Web Studio to get to parity with the Windows client version and a little note-suggestion to move over to the Web Studio sooner than later.. as Oracle is NOT going to distribute the desktop client planned sometime mid-2017!

New Features in Reporting Web Studio enhancements to achieve more parity with the Windows Studio functionality:

  • Conditional formatting and suppression
  • Auto-Calculation
  • Ability to Save Objects
  • Related Content
  • Row/Column templates

Removal of Support for Financial Reporting Studio Desktop Client:
Oracle is committed to providing a simple and intuitive experience to the users of the service. To achieve this goal, Financial Reporting Web Studio, a component available since the release, will be established as the only tool for designing and building reports. As a result, Financial Reporting Studio desktop client support will be fully transitioned to Financial Reporting Web Studio, tentatively in mid-2017. With a planned mid-2017 update, Financial Reporting Studio desktop client is planned to no longer be distributed.

Starting with the release, Financial Reporting Web Studio will achieve functional parity with most of the capabilities provided with Financial Reporting Studio desktop client. You will be able to create new reports and modify existing reports using Financial Reporting Web Studio.

Oracle recommends that you transition to using Financial Reporting Web Studio at the earliest opportunity.

Another word to point out, ‘most’. Why most? Why not all? I guess that is why it is being stated as ‘functional parity’ and not ‘full parity’ or even ‘parity plus lots of other fun stuff that never existed and you always wished was there or thought would be great to add, etc. etc. etc.’