What a nice way to start off the new year in 2017 with a release of Smart View!

This is version and can be downloaded from Oracle Support here


New Features in This Release

  • New VBA Functions
  • Support for Selectively Deleting Connections
  • Excel Filters Now Retained During Ad Hoc Analysis
  • New Option for Sorting Items in Smart View Panel
  •  Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Features
  • Oracle BI EE Enhancements

Great new features for VBA, EPRCS, PBCS and Drop-down Member Selection on Row Dimensions in Forms! But I am going to focus on a few that caught my eye since .. maybe Oracle Open World, right {names have been removed to protect the innocent}? 😉

First is the VBA Function to now quickly ‘retrieve’ the sheet information as a Formula. You can use the formula builder, this is what it looks like


HypGetSheetInfo: retrieves detailed information about the requested worksheet. This function is supported by all providers.

  • Connected
  • Sheet Type
  • Server
  • Application
  • Cube
  • URL
  • Provider
  • Provider URL
  • Friendly Name
  • Alias Table
  • User
  • Description

And another feature that I like to see, and I know, some of the simple things..

Support for Selectively Deleting Connections

You can now select specific shared and private connection URLs, as well as extension update URLs, using the new Delete Connection URLs command.

You access this command from the private connection panel in Smart View. The Delete Connection URLs dialog allows you to select specific private connections, shared connections, and extension update URLs for deletion.

Note: You can only delete private connections that were created using the quick connection method. Connections created using the private connection wizard will not be available for deletion in the Delete Connection URLs dialog.

And this is what it looks like