Smart View and Query Designer

I can’t recall ever seeing this ‘Warning Box’ before while using Smart View and creating Query Designer Worksheets, etc. 

So, here is a little blog post about it.

And it is a Sunday GAMEDAY with less than an hour before kick-off, so I better complete this short but loving post in time..
I was creating a few Ad-Hoc Essbase queries and wanted to take one of my analysis sheets and turn that into a nice dynamic Query Designer report.
So, I followed the steps that I normally do. I usually start with an Ad-Hoc Query first. Then let Smart View and the Query Designer do a bit of the heavy lifting and transform that sheet into a ‘Query’. I applied the query and got the desired results that I wanted.
A part of my analysis required me to start over and so I went ahead and started deleting the worksheets from the workbook. When I was done, I went to save my work. Clicked Save. And then the error appeared..
Sometimes when working with Smart View, I have to admit, I am reminded of this wonderful Disney Movie, Inside Out and all of the emotions.
Good news is that it looks to only be a warning-suggestion. But it feels a bit sad or even angry that the Query Designer worksheets were missing. Sorry to upset you Smart View.
Borderline anger?
I went ahead and clicked ‘OK’. Closed the workbook, re-opened and everything worked just fine.
Glad to see that Smart View was only maybe giving me a suggestion or trying to remind me 🙂
Well, phew, glad this was a short post. Now time for me to grab a bite to eat and watch the game!