OAC – Essbase & DV .. plus BI via Smart View

It was a few posts ago and I only mentioned it at the very end of this prior post


That if you want to see the Visualizations in Smart View you had to open the Classic Home…

How do you create .. a “classic” BI report/analysis

Well, you can find the Classic BI as it is the link on the lower left of the Data Visualization panel pane

“Open Classic Home…”

Once clicked, it should open a new browser window/tab.
And you are now in the “Classic” BI .. this is the same BI as it always was ..
go ahead and start to create analysis and dashboards, etc.

Only a small point to note, this BI does let you know that you are still in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), meh

For this example I created a simple analysis with a Pivot Table visualization-type
as of now there are only a few limited visualizations that are supported in Smart View, hope we see all of them some day soon ..

Once created, it is time to see it via Smart View.

Here again, it follows the same tried and true procedure of setting up a Smart View OBIEE connection.

using the syntax: 


Now that the connection is created, login

As I attempt to login, I am reminded of the painful question, why is the Connection type named, Oracle BI space EE???

Moving on, by expanding the folder where you have saved your analysis, etc. you can now bring that in via Smart View

I selected to see all objects on 1-slide .. I mean worksheet as I am in Excel.

And there you have it, OAC – Essbase/DV plus now a little bit of BI via Smart View.

Again, hope to see many many many more visualization types supported in Smart View soon!

Until next time, stay safe in the cloud.