And so it is mid-June .. and we now have Smart View version as stated released in GA!

per the documentation here are the listed new features a part of this release and the hyperlinks to go directly to the documentation for each

Let’s take a look at one of the new features …

Perform a Health Check On Your System (for Smart View settings, Options, etc.)

I really like this feature being added!

So many times as a new user (new Smart View installation), a power user, an administrator, there are a number of settings that are or are not set by default.

Glad that there is now an easy way to be able to see the commonly asked settings all in 1 place to be able to update and/or edit-provide yourself.

This setting is found on the Main Smart View tab within the “? Help” dropdown menu as menu item
named “Health Check”

Click on the menu item and you will see a Health Check diagnosis msg box that shows the Details as information, properties, settings, options are set on your local machine

If you click on the “Recommended Settings” button on the bottom of the msg box the health check will provide another dialog box. In my case, this is a brand new VM .. as my prior VM melted, so none of the Timeout settings have been updated.

This time, no Google searching required or digging up the regedit file .. just 2-button clicks and the settings were updated! I didn’t need to know the hex values, etc.

Click “YES”

And with that .. I think this feature might cause 1 of my prior blog posts to become deprecated!!!

Thanks to the Oracle Smart View product management and development teams for implementing the suggestion 🙂

Side Note:
We heard, were told, and saw slides at KSCOPE18 during the EPM Sunday Symposium session that Smart View and Office 365 support will be coming at some point CY2018 as well as Mac support!!!