Analytics and Data Summit 2020
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This year the location was Santa Clara, CA and I was excited not only to attend but also to be selected to present! My session was a mix of presentation material (that gave the class an introduction as well as a baseline of knowledge prior to us getting hands) and workshop.

photo courtesy of Gary Crisci
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I kicked off the session by making a quick Superman-style phone booth change .. and appeared back in my


Phrase by – Gary Adashek
Shirt made by – Laurie Adashek

Thought my session went well and most importantly had an engaged audience that followed along, asked questions related to the session and was interested in discussing real world examples.
As promised, the slides shared were also posted on @Sched for all of the attendees to download.

Also, be on the lookout at KSCOPE20 for these nifty little stickers as a few of them are now out in the wild … 🦄

.. and maybe, just maybe there might be another version available with a different mythical creature ..

A Few Takeaways:
Keynote speakers —
Atri Kalluri spoke about his experience at the US Census Bureau. The data, volume, churn and responsibility is impressive.

Ann Dunkin spoke about her experience at Santa Clara County
from her keynote, this was the most impactful and truth filled statement
– – a great way to start off the conference.

“Train someone today and worry that they will leave or do not train them and worry that they will stay”

Ann Dunkin quoting someone else she couldn’t remember

Oracle Analytics according to the upcoming features, all under safe harbor, are aimed at helping the customer achieve more real-time analytics by either being able to connect to even more data sources or providing ways to more easily prepare and provide augmented recommendations.

As a side note, it was fun to see that now in the latest version of OAC 5.5, there is a newly added Visualization Type called the Butterfly 🦋

New by default Viz type available now in OAC 5.5
Custom Viz Type created and published on the OAC extension library

Can’t wait until KSCOPE20 in Boston at the end of June!