Download available: Version 20.200 -> My Oracle Support

New Features

  • Support for Drill-Through to Source
  • Vanity URL Support in Smart View
  • New Health Check for Microsoft Office Documents
  • Job Console Autorefresh
  • Cell Styles Now Support Multiple Style Properties

Focusing on 2 of the new features

  1. Support for drill-through to source
  2. Support for Vanity URL in Smart View

1. Support for Drill-Through to Source

When working with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud data providers, and performing a drill through to display drill data from Oracle Smart View for Office, the system now supports two ways to display the source data:
* Drill through to the source landing web page using a hyperlink. In this case, when you initiate a source drill, the system launches the source landing page in your default browser.
* Drill through to the source data using an EPM Integration Agent query. In this case, the source data is queried and the data is displayed in a new Excel sheet in Smart View.

When this new drill-through option is enabled, your first drill-through operation takes you from your main worksheet to a staging sheet. The staging sheet contains data from the provider source. From this sheet, you can drill further into a data cell to the source data for the selected cell. Drill-through to source is available on any data cell for any dimension/member combination in the staging sheet. From the source sheet, you can navigate back to the staging sheet, and then back to the main sheet. This navigation works even if you rename the staging sheet.

On the staging or source worksheet, you can use the Sheet Info command in the Smart View ribbon to open the Sheet Information dialog and view the sheet type: staging or source.

In earlier releases, drill to source was only available in a Web Form. This new drill-through option lets you drill all the way through to the source data and view the drill-through reports directly in Smart View.

To use this feature, a Service Administrator must first execute a SQL query in the source database and display the results in a pop-window inside Data Integration. For more information, see Creating a Drill Down to a Source System Without a Landing Page in Data Integration Administering Data Integration for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

For information on using this drill-through feature in Smart View, see the topics in Drill-Through Reports in the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide.

This new feature is something that has been asked for and has now made it to the product!
This is akin to when primarily an Essbase cube was created using Essbase Studio and drill-through was enabled.
The functionality when a drill-through report was executed was that the query results were generated and a new worksheet in the same workbook was created on the fly.

I can now say and confirm that this is now the case for EPM Cloud enabled drill-through reporting using EPM Integration Agent! The Smart View Option is set to render the results via the web URL by default and can be easily changed in Smart View to display in the workbook or prompt to ask.

The Drill-Through Launch option is located on the Smart View Advanced tab of the Options dialog within the

This is the Default setting. Drill-Through Launch “In Web Browser”
Change the drop-down setting to either “In New Sheet” or “Prompt Me to Choose Target”

2. Vanity URL Support in Smart View

You can use custom, or vanity, URLs to access Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud providers from Oracle Smart View for Office. To configure your custom URL, you use a third-party link shortener, such as, Bitly, Rebrandly, TinyUrl, or, or an open source solution, such as YOURLS. Then, depending on the configuration, use the custom URL as your shared connection, private connection, or quick connection.

Administrators or Smart View users can create vanity URLs. For detailed information on creating vanity URLs, see the documentation from the third party link shortener of your choice.

For information on using vanity URLs to connect to data sources in Smart View, see the topics in Connecting to Data Sources in the Oracle Smart View for Office User’s Guide.

This is another feature that for many users is a welcome addition. It makes the user experience easier and less complicated to having to ‘memorize’ URL names with long server naming, etc.



More Helpful Information — Defects Fixed | Support Matrix

Defect Fixed in this release -> Doc ID 1923582.1

Smart View Support Matrix and Compatibility FAQ -> Doc ID 1923582.1

This question is one of the most frequently asked related to Smart View

How do I know what version of Smart View that I need or should have?”

Answer: Smart View is backward compatible.
Meaning, if you are using the latest version of Smart View, it will work with and for prior versions of EPM/EPM Cloud

The next most frequently asked question is

“What version of Office does Smart View support?

Answer: Oracle Smart View for Office supports Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, and 2019.

  • Smart View support for Microsoft Office 2019 began with the release.
  • Smart View support for Microsoft Office 2016 began with the release.