Well, just randomly today I tried the URL .. https://docs.oracle.com/applications/smartview/700/index.html

And it looks like it is available 🙂

The Read Me is available, let’s see what it has to say.

Looks like my HFM friends are getting some new features and functionality for Journals, journals, and more journals!

New Features in this Release – Subtopics

  • Inserting Charts Based on Planning Forms
  • View Journal Reports in Smart View
  • New VBAs to Support Oracle Journals Extension
  • New HsAlias Function
  • Additional Provider Support for HsDescription
  • New Cell Styles Category for Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud
  • Additional Features for PowerPoint-based Report Packages

Guess it is time to install, if I could only locate it. Everything so far takes me to downloading

Keep looking. Oracle Docs shows .700 listed -> https://docs.oracle.com/en/applications/?tab=8

Elapsed time between that previous sentence and the next was close to 8 minutes!

Phew, that took forever. But I think that I may have finally found it on Oracle Support -> here.

Looks like I am the second All-Time to download at the time of writing this post. But also guessing that I am the 1st to Blog about it 😉

Why it says 11125000 in the file name, I still don’t really understand???

Time to install!!

Downloaded Zip file. Extracted. Looks like, and yesterday was the day that it was packaged for GA release. Just after 8AM in sunny California.

Msg Box says it installed successfully .. and .. time to start up Excel and find out ..

Well, there it is. Oracle Smart View for Office Version!

Time to go take it for a test drive vvvvvvrrrrroooooomm vroom

Noticed a new section in the documentation for OAC – Essbase

Finding a new Member Name Display setting???
I don’t remember this being there before.
Options/Member Options.Distinct Member Name Only

And, well, that is because that is a setting for Oracle Fusion Financials GL Essbase. From one of my prior posts -> here

On that, I am working on a follow up to the Fusion GL blog post. Continue to stay tuned.