Interesting to me that there is another new version of Smart View available in such a short amount of time; 10-MAY-2017. Only a few bugs fixed in this release and no new features.

Patch 25886581: Patch Set Update: Oracle Smart View for Office

The next release was slated to be so wondering why this made it in between.

These are the bugs fixed:

Defects Fixed in This Patch – Patch 25886581

Defect Number | Defect Fixed

  • 25851994 | After upgrading Smart View, Financial Reporting reports now import correctly.
  • 25886581 | Oracle EPM Cloud. Smart View now supports single signon across Office applications for cloud products within the same domain.
  • 22835235 | In Smart View, when the Planning User Preferences Display Setting option, Indentation of Members on Page, is set to “Indent Level Zero Members Only,” hierarchy members in the form POV are now properly indented.
  • 24483712 | The Smart View add-in no longer causes Excel to terminate abnormally when closing.
  • 25655219 | On Windows Surface Pro, Smart View no longer stops responding when right-clicking in succession on members after several zoom in operations.
  • 25740683 | Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud. Excel and Word no longer randomly terminate when uploading or checking in a doclet.

From the list of the bugs fixed above in this PSU, I am going with Defects 24483712 & 25740683 being fixed being the main reason for this PSU.