So, I wasn’t sure how to take the email that I received late last week on Friday, it was a great email.

Let me share the heart of it

“… Your ribbon is fantastic by the way!
I was wondering whether this ribbon is available to purchase on a per seat license…”

The email made think, yes, that did just a little bit, to think 😉

Seriously, I was excited to know that the utility that I originally created so many years back at least had a few people out there, that (1) use it, and, (2) enjoy using it at that. That was the main reason and the purpose of WHY I created it. So that not only did I have a utility to use but that others could use it as well. I too was a Classic Add-In user and wanted to enhance the experience for any and all users, period.

When I first developed the ribbon, which was a toolbar by the way in MS Excel 2000, the Msg Box at that time stated, “This toolbar was developed with the end user in mind. The intention was to enhance the currently available Smartview functionality and ultimately the end user experience!”

Now you notice that back then I didn’t know any better and spelled Smartview as 1 word, not 2. The proper way is Smart View and if you follow me on twitter @gadashek you will notice from time to time that I use the hash tag #LotsOfSmartView2Words

Back to the email. Yes, it was a very nice, flattering and humbling email to receive. I never would have thought that about 7 years ago I would develop something that someday someone would offer to pay me to buy on a per seat basis .. and a few hundred of them at that!

I did reply back to the sender after a few days. I let them know that as much as I enjoyed the email, the offer, etc.
The SV ++ utility is currently available to download for FREE.

It still is available to download here ->

So please, please .. please! Download the utility, use it and by all means, enjoy using it and I hope that it enahnces your Smart View experience!

Side note: The SV ++ utility still works on the latest version available in GA today! 🙂

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