YEAH! OAC – Essbase and the Cube Designer Ribbon and Extension

A new way to create and build Essbase cubes, is not just from Excel workbooks, but also with Smart View! 🙂 This has been technically available and supported with recent versions going back in Smart View to version mentioned in a prior post

So let me get this out of the way. The naming/numbering conventions are making me a little insane

  • Software Release OAC 17.3.3-926 plus patch number
  • Smart View plus extension(s)
  • Cube Designer extension

why? Oh Why? JUST WHY?

Well, onto the geeky portion of the post that starts now. Hope you enjoy the little bit of fun I added while working on this post.

Let’s get started.

Virtual machine .. Windows 10 64bit

Machine started in a matter of seconds

Note: I already had done the download and installation of the latest version of Smart View that recently came out in August-2017. Plus the Smart View Cube Designer Extension was previously installed and enabled

Time to launch Excel 2016 32bit. Done.

Let’s verify the Version of Smart View

Beautiful. Let’s take a look at the extensions.
Go to Smart View .. Options ..

Go to the Extensions tab on the bottom left

You may have more or less extensions, we are looking for and to make sure we have the ‘Cube Designer’ extension, which we do. Perfect.

The Cube Designer Ribbon

This post is going to focus on the Cube Designer and more posts to follow.

AND NOW .. for the main attraction. Cube Designer.

Make sure that you have an active Excel Workbook. Click the Cube Designer button to begin building an Essbase cube with the Wizard. Did someone say wizard?

Essbase Cloud Cube Designer. Slightly different name. Must be a version thing mentioned earlier 😉

And there you have it.

But we are not done just yet.

Why don’t we continue to see what happens when we step through the extension window ‘wizard’ to build a cube.

Tabs across the top of the extension. Cube, Settings, Dimensions, Data, Calc

Add (enter) an ‘Application Name’
Add (enter) a ‘Cube Name’
Dimensions: where it says in italic-grey font ‘Add Dimension‘ start typing your desired dimension name, hit enter/return and keep repeating until you have all your desired dimensions.

Pretty easy and straight forward so far.

Now at this point or really any point from now on you can click on the button ‘To Sheet’

this little button starts the magic to begin or adds the magic once you have begun to build your cube in the workbook .. click it and see

Pretty slick so far.
And there are my wizards, I mean Dimensions to the worksheet named ‘Essbase.Cube’

Next is ‘Settings’ or ‘Cube.Settings’

As is, the Cube designer wizard builds a BSO cube as the default.
But that can be easily changed by manually typing ASO into the cell changing the Application Type manually or by simply unchecking the checkbox ‘BSO (Block Storage Outline) and clicking our friend the button ‘To Sheet’

Moving onto Dimensions. The Dimension names were added on the ‘Cube’ tab but the tab ‘Dimensions’ is now where the property types, build method and mode, generation information (used for Drill-Through), along with the fields that are desired for use in the build process

And don’t forget about any UDAs that you might want to add, provide how many, or the Alias Table you want to use, check the checkbox

Next, time to add the magic potion .. I mean Data

Provide the name for your data. This is probably best to think of your data in datasets.
Actual. Budget. Forecast, etc. or in my example, Magic Potions

Onto the last tab in the wizard, Spells .. I mean Calc
Add any calcs as needed!

Now that you have stepped through the wizard. I want to look at 1 item quickly before this post is done. Dimensions. And specifically adding members and viewing them in a Hierarchy GUI TreeView fashion. Like EAS or for those still using AppMan (Application Manager and I know you are out there.. I have seen you for myself and nothing wrong if it still works..)

The Cube Designer on the ribbon has a button ‘View Hierarchy’

For those that are familiar with cubes, multidimensional, non-relational (field-record-row) data. Maybe this is not entirely needed but a part of my cube builds it is nice to see from time to time what the resulting outline is going to look like..

So in the Dimension that I wanted to create, Harry_Potter I started to define what that hierarchy was going to be .. and added a few members manually.. take a look what happened when I clicked the ‘View Hierarchy’ button on the ribbon, I can see what the hierarchy looks like and even make edits from this GUI window, very nice!

I would like to add that it is nice to see the TreeView of the Hierarchy and the features that are there in this version. In future versions of the Cube designer, it would be nice most if not all of the dimension/member property information. Including the child/descendant count, Generation # & Level #, Member Formula(s),  the UDA(s), just to name a few.

So that is the OAC – Essbase Cube Designer Wizard in a nutshell .. look, this is me in a nutshell (Austin Powers) 😀

More blogging soon on the creation of the cube in OAC.
And then onto DV (Data Visualization) and maybe a little bit BICS!!!

p.s. Yes, I was in a car accident. Head on collision. Only me in my car. Only her in her car. As told to me on the accident site and also states in the police report. She was tired and fell asleep at the wheel. YIKES!! A LITTLE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE.. as a result >this guy< got a Broken Right Foot. Had Surgery 1-week later. Dr. says x-rays looked good 2-weeks after surgery. Surgery cast off, stitches out. Walking boot, YEAH.. but a big boo since i am still non-weight-bearing 😦 at least until my next doctor visit on September 1st.. wow, that still feels like a long ways away .. 

but I guess that just means more time on the nights and weekends to research on fun EPM and BI things going on, catch up on other fun things at work and oh what the hay.. download the free trial of the HBO NOW app on my iPad and start, yes start, watching Game of Thrones #GOT.. Season 1 done. Season 2 done. And just started on Season 3! Don’t spoil it for me .. I do want to catch up to this season 🙂