This is the point in the weekend when I take a break and blog about how much fun I have been having. Going running. Or Walking. Okay, well maybe NOT. The Go No-Go decision will be coming up this week Friday, September 1st!! Think good thoughts everyone so that  >this guy< gets the green-light to start walking .. in the walking-boot!

But onto the other fun that I have been having this weekend. A little Cube Designer carry over from the last blog post as well as getting an Application:Cube built in OAC – Essbase! 🙂

I wanted to share a few fun items I found while building and validating data and OAC – Essbase features. Let’s take a look.

First is the button for Member Information, take a look..

Wait, there is no more Member Information button! 🙂
It has now been transformed to a button called Cell Information!

With that, let’s go ahead and click the button while our cursor is on a data cell.

Pretty nice. You can edit the solve order directly from Smart View. Press the Edit button on the lower left. Make the desired change to the solve order. Click OK.

Now let’s take a look what happens when the cursor is on a dimension/member cell

Looks the same as it used to before, all of the member information for that dimension or member.
Information, Aliases, Attributes, Formula, UDA(s), etc.

If you are following the blog posts, maybe you are starting to see a trend or at least notice the cube that I am building .. it is a decent size cube (stats back to the first year in 1871) with the real data. And I am looking forward to more blog posts using this Essbase Cube in the Cloud with Data Visualization and BICS!

Hope to blog about those soon. Stay tuned.