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Yes, just a few days ago I blogged about 105 (Cube Designer Extension

and now ready to Update!

A few email exchanges and a few days later, here we are with another version AND with updates to features.

Let’s take a look at a few of those additions

Outline Order – Outline Dimension Order

If you are building using the Cube Designer from scratch. When you click ‘To Sheet’ the Worksheets get created and the Outline Order is now auto populated, starting with the first dimension you typed into the Extension panel; Beginning with 1, 2, 3, etc.

If you have started by downloading/copying the cube workbook and deleted the number ordering, you can simply click on the ‘To Sheet’ button and the worksheet will get the Outline Order Numbering added directly into the worksheet “Essbase.Cube”.

Application Properties section

Now added to the Cube Designer workbook is the ability to change the application level configuration settings (essbase.cfg settings). These at the moment are added manually and are required in a similar syntax/format as Substitution Variables; meaning Setting Name and Value in side-by-side cells.

via Cube Designer

via OAC Web (settings)

Text Lists

Generate Generations (Generation Names/Naming) for each Dimension

Happy to see the updates!!

Hope we see more updates, especially for the Hierarchy Tree View!