There is a new version of the Elbow Dendrogram plugin extension available for download via the Oracle Analytics Extensions Library!

Here -> Download Elbow Dendrogram



With this update, if a measure is added to the canvas using this Viz type there is a new and improved feature — the Measure Now Appears at Each and Every Node!

Please make sure that you remove-delete the prior version of the Visualization type via the Console. Download the new updated Viz via the Oracle Analytics Extensions Library. Go back to the console in OAC/DVD and load the new plugin, Make sure to do any needed updates to your environment. And go ahead and start using the Viz Type in your Projects 🙂

Here is a brief demo of the plugin. WITHOUT and WITH a measure now displaying the measure at each and every node of the ‘tree’! 🌲 💪

Elbow Viz in action -> Elbow Viz 2.0 in action


~Special thanks to Oracle for the help making final edits to take us across the finish line! 🙂