While working on a project that involved Wind Turbines I was curious to learn more. And I was able to find a data set that had all of the wind turbines in the United States!

This OAC sandbox project was posted back in November of 2019 and for some reason has recently had an uptick of queries run against it lately.

Since March 1st, there have been almost 800 with a big increase in the last few weeks to this specific project. And interestingly last week Tuesday there were 116 and then again on Friday the 20th there were another 116. Interesting … 🤔

Here is the link to start exploring the OAC Sandbox https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/OACsandbox/oacsandbox.html

You can easily see that the number of new turbines has been gradually increasing since the late 90’s.

By manufacturer, in the US it is clear that GE Wind is the dominant player with the number of units with close to 40k! And also with over 41% of the US capacity!

In regards to the capacity, there is 1 state that has more than any other state and is more than the next 3 states combined. That state is Texas. Guess the phrase

“everything is bigger in Texas”

is accurate in this case 😃

It is not only just the number of turbines either. The Total turbine power is far greater in Texas as well. Take a look.

And then taking a look at the new turbines, it is easy to see that the majority are in the US Upper West & West

Well, I hope that you enjoyed taking a look at the Wind Turbines data across the US.

Until next time